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What to do for your skin after “overindulging”

What to do for your skin after “overindulging”

What to do for your skin after “overindulging”

’Tis the season – and for many people that means parties, parties, and more parties. And along with these parties often comes a cocktail (or two or three, etc.) Just remember that overindulgence – even if it doesn’t lead to you dancing with a lamp shade on your head – can show up with a vengeance on your skin. But, if you do find yourself with a “skin hangover,” there are a few things you can do to refresh your skin.

Hydration is the most important thing to cure a skin hangover

You already know you need to hydrate your body after drinking too much, but rehydrating your body won’t automatically rehydrate your skin; it will help, but it will take a while.

In the meantime, using a serum, mask, or cream that contains Hyaluronic Acid will go a long way toward helping you hydrate your skin. A product like Mellisa B Naturally’s Moisturize and More with Hyaluronic Acid can give your skin the moisture boost it needs.

Get rid of the redness

You’ve probably noticed that your skin can look a bit inflamed after overindulging. That’s where a good anti-inflammatory comes in. An ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties, like the Shea Butter found in Moisturize and More can help cut down on the redness, soothing your skin.

Pack your Bags

Eye bags are one of the tell-tale signs of a late night. And a late night with alcohol can make those eyes particularly puffy. Luckily, Mellisa B Naturally’s Pack Your Bags™ Eye cream contains caffeine to help reduce puffiness, and horse chestnut extract, rose hips extract, and CoQ10 to help reduce inflammation and encourage circulation – to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Friends don’t let friends sleep with their makeup on

Cleansing your face before going to sleep – even if you ignore the rest of your nighttime skin care routine – is one of the most important things you need to do to avoid a skin hangover. Dehydrated skin + clogged pores = recipe for disaster (aka blemishes and breakouts). Ultimately, you want to slather on a good night cream (at the very least) after washing your face. But getting the makeup and dirt and oils off your skin is certainly an important first step.

Perhaps consider your designated driver as a designated skin care consultant for the evening.

All things in moderation

Remember that overindulging once in a while can be OK – as long as you keep yourself safe. But going overboard with the alcohol on a regular basis isn’t good or your skin or your body. Think about how those extra glasses of wine will feel in the morning – and then think about how they’ll make you look.

Keep yourself healthy and strong, and your skin will follow. Happy Holidays!


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