Pure, Healthy, Beauty

Welcome to Mellisa B Naturally

Welcome to Mellisa B Naturally

Welcome to Mellisa B Naturally

Browse our site, and you will find we talk a lot about our interest in healthy living and our background in the natural skin care industry. This isn’t just marketing; it’s how we live our lives every day.

Committed to protecting our skin and the planet

From an early age our founder, Mellisa, paid close attention to what she put in – and on – her body. If it wasn’t pure, natural, safe, and healthy, it wasn’t for her. She’s brought that same philosophy to the skin care line that bears her name.

Of course, just being healthy for the skin isn’t quite enough – Mellisa B Naturally is also committed to protecting the environment. From sustainably-harvested ingredients to responsibly-sourced packaging, Mellisa B Naturally’s founders are looking out for their customers and the planet.

Science and nature combine for the best results

After many years in he natural skin care industry, founders Mellisa and Ray know that not all natural ingredients are created equal. In addition to working with the best chemists, they’ve studied the science behind formulating effective skin care – so that the products they offer are not only pure, natural, healthy, and safe… they’re also effective.

We’ll keep our promise

We may be a new company, but we have decades of experience. We know natural health, and we know skin care. We are committed to bringing the very best to our customers. Welcome to pure, healthy, beauty.


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