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Safflower seed oil is a great ingredient for a facial cleanser

Safflower seed oil is a great ingredient for a facial cleanser

Safflower seed oil is a great ingredient for a facial cleanser

Safflower seed oil doesn’t get as much press as coconut oil or argan oil, but it is just as amazing when it comes to beauty benefits. Which is one of the reasons it features so prominently in Mellisa B Naturally’s Cleansing Milk.

Safflower seed oil is an excellent emollient

This naturally-odorless oil has many health benefits – and can be beneficial when used topically as well as when ingested. Mainly, safflower seed oil (Carthamus Tinctorius) is abundant in linoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties in addition to being excellent for promoting moisture retention in the skin. Linoleic acid also helps unclog pores and diminish the inflammation from skin rashes and acne.

Lighter than olive oil or coconut oil, safflower seed oil also helps support skin cell renewal and regeneration, while helping skin retain moisture without clogging pores.

Why is an emollient so important in a facial cleanser?

Some people mistakenly believe that a facial cleanser simply needs to remove dirt and unwanted oils from the skin. With the wrong type of cleanser, however, the cleansing process can be harsh and harmful. Adding emollients and anti-inflammatories to a cleanser helps keep skin clean and clear without disrupting skin’s protective moisture barrier. Plus, it better prepares skin for additional treatments.

More good news about safflower seed oil

Safflower oil is generally not irritating for most skin types – though we always recommend patch testing any new product before using it extensively. It can be particularly beneficial for acne sufferers as its high concentration of linoleic acid can help support skin cell membranes, helping to protect skin cell membranes from airborne pollutants like dirt and bacteria – things that can aggravate acne and other skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Try safflower seed oil in your skin care routine

Safflower seed oil is light, naturally-unscented, and highly beneficial for skin and body health. You can easily incorporate safflower seed oil into your skin care routine in numerous ways, but one of the easiest is to try Mellisa B Naturally’s Cleansing Milk.


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