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Be Enlightened. We love our products – we think they’re the best. After all, we wouldn’t be selling them if we didn’t. But why believe us? Here’s what others have to say about Mellisa B Naturally. And if you’ve tried our products, we’d love to hear from you too!

  • I received some of the products absolutely love them. It makes my skin feel so soft can't wait to try more of your products...
    Connie Marra Candreva
    Connie Marra Candrevavia Facebook
  • Okay so now I tried the pumpkin/coconut mask, wow love this product absolutely can feel the results!! I believe Mellisa B and I are going to be friends for a very longggg time, excellent product!!
    Debbie Petito-Creta
    Debbie Petito-Cretavia Facebook
  • I was looking for a new skin care line to take care of my aging skin. I found it in Mellisa B Naturally! These products are natural and gentle to my skin. They are not irritating nor does my skin feel tight after cleaning. I can't wait to see how my skin improves over time.
    Tani Middaugh Pfeifer Hill
    Tani Middaugh Pfeifer Hill via Facebook
  • Just started using Mellisa B cleansing milk with avocado oil, honey and fruit. loving the results; rejuvenating and leaves skin feeling soft and fresh feeling!!
    Debbie Petito-Creta
    Debbie Petito-Creta via Facebook
  • So very excited to be among the first to fall in love with your products!!!!!! They are AMAZING! my two favorites so far...the microdermabrasion scrub and of course the face and body primer!
    Kimberly Cooper-Horvath
    Kimberly Cooper-Horvathvia Facebook
  • Absolutely love this microdermabrasion scrub with charcoal the fabulous and talented Mellisa Baylis developed (and her whole line!) All natural and great for all skin types.. Works wonders on my sensitive skin!!
    Chelsea Marie
    Chelsea Marie via Facebook
  • Wow Mellissa B Naturally gave me my youth back...I can't believe it!! Yaaay Mellissa B Naturally, Thank You!!!!
    Anthony J Venters
    Anthony J Venters via Facebook
  • The Mellisa Be Naturally Skincare line is a good natural skincare line. From the products I tried, I was very impressed with the line. The line contains the finest plant and fruit extracts, cosmeceuticals available on the market. Read the rest of the I Am THE Makeup Junkie review here.
    MarieI Am THE Makeup Junkie
  • Mellisa B Naturally is not only effective but has unique ingredients not found in other products, cherry picked for all skin types to fight signs of aging and to nourish skin. This line is truly a labor of love and after just using it once my skin felt great! The formulations were created from great knowledge and expertise from decades of experience and can be trusted to be clean of anything that can damage our skin and also help the environment. Can't wait to try the Shimmering Face and Body Primer!
    Susan Ruppert
    Susan Ruppertvia Facebook
  • I've been working in the beauty industry for a long, long time. And when Mellisa approached me to help evaluate and critique her formulas, I knew I would want to put it through thorough testing. So I had my students and fellow teachers use it during treatments and training. Everyone has been impressed.
    MadalineNCEA certified Aesthetician

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