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Natural skin care brands buck declining sales

Natural skin care brands buck declining sales

Natural skin care brands buck declining sales

The skin care market has become saturated in recent years. It seems models, Hollywood stars, and even professional athletes are launching skin care brands. Some of this is simply licensing their personal name and brand to establish lines while others have sincere interests in skin care. Regardless, overall the skin care industry saw its first decline in sales in 2015 according to research by Mintel.

The one area of consumer interest and growth is natural skin care

More and more consumers are interested in healthy living and natural alternatives to heavily processed or chemical laden products. This includes skin care, where savvy buyers have begun to research and educate themselves about harsh or hazardous ingredients found in many major brands. Social media and google search help to sway opinions on various carcinogen linked additives – many of which have been banned in other countries. This education and awareness has led to a backlash and the purposeful choice to “go natural.”

Consumers are favoring natural skin care ingredients

From Vitamin C to other plant-based extracts shoppers are selecting brands that feature wholesome ingredients and that eschew controversial ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and more. The more pure and natural a product is the better.

But this doesn’t mean natural without being effective. Consumers still want results so formulators and natural skin care manufacturers must be careful to craft skin care formulas that work well while being natural too.

Mellisa B Naturally offers safe, effective natural skin care

MBN didn’t set out to be a trendsetter, we simply wanted to make the best natural skin care possible. Our passion has always been focused on health and wellness and fitness. Skin care is an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle that helps you combat the continual onslaught of the environment and father time. But we don’t mind riding a wave of enthusiasm around natural skin care either.

We know creating great natural products that are pure and effective can be equally challenging for small family owned brands like ours and for large corporate lines like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Juice Beauty line or Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty. After all, we worked for three years crafting and perfecting our first eight products and we’ve been hard at work on our latest creations too. But it’s worth the effort and we know our skin care is the best it can be, naturally.



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