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More about the “powerhouse” that is Manuka Honey

More about the “powerhouse” that is Manuka Honey

More about the “powerhouse” that is Manuka Honey

When we developed our Moisturize and More and our Cleansing Milk, we already knew the awesome and exciting benefits of Manuka Honey. In fact, we even wrote about them in our blog: “What is Manuka Honey, and why is it great for your skin?”

But the “buzz” around Manuka Honey has intensified recently. ELLE’s February 2017 issue has an article on the impressive beauty benefits of Manuka Honey, and more research is being done on its usefulness not only in the beauty and skin care industries, but also in anti-bacterial applications and wound treatment.

The Manuka Honey “buzz” is destined to continue

As research into the benefits of Manuka Honey continues, it’s expected that even more practical applications will be found. Skin care, in particular, is driven by the ability to “repair” and rejuvenate skin. Manuka Honey’s exceptional wound healing properties are especially attractive when it comes to anti-aging skin care, as healing wounds and treating aging skin both require damaged cells to repair themselves.

We are excited to find additional ways to use natural Manuka Honey in our skin care products, and to see how it will be used in other applications as well.


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