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How to get rid of dull winter skin

How to get rid of dull winter skin

How to get rid of dull winter skin

While there are some people who seem to always have a “glow” to their skin, most of us go through periods of skin “dullness” from time to time – when our skin just isn’t bright or glowing, and can look downright dismal.

How does skin get “dull”

Most often when we talk about dull skin, we’re talking about skin that has a build-up. Usually that build-up is dead, dry skin cells, but sometimes it can be skin care products or even pollution. And even if you’re cleansing your face regularly and properly, it may not be enough to counteract the build-up and resulting dull skin.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

OK, you don’t actually want to over-exfoliate; but chances are, if your skin looks dull, it’s because you’re not exfoliating properly, or you’re not exfoliating enough.

Exfoliate once or twice a week with a product that will gently remove the build-up of dead skin cells and/or dirt and pollution. It’s not necessary to scrub your face until it’s red or raw – in fact, we would advise against that. A gentle scrubbing action (using an exfoliant with an ingredient such as Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seed Powder), or even a mild chemical exfoliant (such as Glycolic Acid) can help clear your pores and remove any build-up that is causing your skin to look and feel dull.

Just remember that, as important as it is to exfoliate, it is just as important to moisturize properly afterward. While exfoliation is important, even gentle exfoliants can disrupt skin’s moisture balance, so you’ll want to make sure you follow up your exfoliation with a good moisturizer.


Inadequate hydration is another reason your skin may look dull. Keeping your body and your skin hydrated keeps all of your skin’s functions working properly, helping to keep skin looking bright and beautiful.

While drinking enough fluids and moisturizing your skin is sometimes enough to keep your skin hydrated, sometimes you need a little help. Using a product with Hyaluronic Acid helps draw moisture in to the skin, but more importantly, it holds onto it to prevent loss of moisture.

While dull skin is often associated with the cold, dry winter weather, skin can look dull at any time of the year, in any climate. Keeping skin exfoliated and well-hydrated will help bring back the “glow” to your skin.

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