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Great skin care doesn’t have to break the bank

Great skin care doesn’t have to break the bank

Great skin care doesn’t have to break the bank

It’s not uncommon to see a celebrity talking about their “simple beauty regimen” which just happens to contain products that the average non-celebrity can’t afford (I’m looking at you, Gwyneth Paltrow.) But does “more expensive” really equate to “better” when it comes to beauty products?

Ingredients matter

Before purchasing any type of skin care, you want to make sure it’s going to do what you need it to do. So, if you have sensitive skin, you want to avoid ingredients that can be irritating. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, you want to avoid heavy moisturizers. And if you’re looking for anti-aging products, you’ll most likely want products with peptides. The best thing you can do is research before you buy; determine your skin type, and find out which ingredients you want to seek out, and which you want to avoid.

Does a higher price translate to better ingredients?

The short answer is… sometimes. While the personal products industry (which includes skin care) is regulated, some products still don’t list an entire ingredient profile. In fact, some expensive skin care lines contain a “proprietary blend” of ingredients – which means the manufacturer doesn’t have to disclose exactly what is in them. So you may be paying $200 for some really amazing ingredients that can work wonders on your skin; or you may be paying $200 for a product that is essentially the same as a drugstore product that costs a fraction of that. In fact, many times an identical formula is used across several different brands – the only difference may be a fragrance or the addition of a single “headline” ingredient. That’s why you should always read the ingredient panel – and educate yourself on what ingredients to look for, and which to avoid.

It’s OK to want luxury

There are various reasons some products are pricier than others. Some carry name prestige: think chanel, etc. Plus, higher-end products usually have beautiful, refined packaging – and there’s nothing wrong with being drawn by these things – that’s why they’re packaged that way in the first place. And, perhaps most importantly, a luxury skin care brand almost always “feels” better than its less expensive counterparts.

What does it mean to “feel” better than other products?

Luxury brands may focus on the effectiveness of the product, but they also focus on the overall experience of the customer. So an expensive moisturizer will contain ingredients that make the formula feel smoother, creamier, or lighter on the skin. Or maybe a light scent is added – or scent is removed altogether. Drugstore brands just won’t feel as luxurious as an expensive brand. But it’s important to remember that the ingredients added to make the product smoother and creamier (ingredients like silicone) don’t have any added benefits as far as the effectiveness of the product.

The proof is in the… proof

One of the nice things about a good high-end skin care line is that they provide proof of the effectiveness of their products. Well-known and well-funded brands perform clinical studies that speak to the success of their products. And if those products suit your needs and your budget, they may be your best bet.

But some smaller brands, while perhaps unable to fund clinical studies, will use ingredients that have similar studies to back up their claims. While the overall formulation may not have been studied, if the active ingredient(s) have evidence to prove their claims, that may be enough. While this will require research on your part, it will be worth it when you find great skin care at a great price.

The best, most expensive product is still not guaranteed to work for your skin

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all skincare line, or product. We all have different skin types, with different skin care concerns, and different expectations. The more informed you are about your own skin and which ingredients are proven effective, as well as which ingredients you should avoid, you will have no problem finding effective, quality skin care that fits within your budget.


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