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For great skin, be mindful of what touches it

For great skin, be mindful of what touches it

For great skin, be mindful of what touches it

You want your skin to be clean. It’s why you buy good facial cleansers, and exfoliate appropriately. But what you may not realize is how some of your everyday habits may be inviting a lot of dirt and bacteria onto your skin.

Wash your hands

This seems like common sense, but you should always wash your hands before touching your face. Yes, you should even wash your hands prior to washing your face, as well as any time you’re going to apply skin care products or makeup. During the day, we touch computer keyboards, car keys, door handles, money, food; the list goes on and on – all kinds of things that can carry a lot of dirt and bacteria. Every time you touch your face, you could be depositing all manner of dirt and bacteria on your skin – which can lead to breakouts.

To wash your hands properly, use a mild soap, and warm water, and wash for at least 20 seconds, making sure to wash the palms and backs of hands, in between fingers, and all around the fingernails.

Clean your phone

We all walk around with our smartphones practically glued to us. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that they are filthy. Go online to find the proper way to safely clean your phone. And if you can, avoid holding your phone directly to your face. And wash your hands frequently when you’ve been handling your phone.

Your glasses are culprits too!

Eyeglasses or sunglasses can get pretty gross. You touch them when you take them off and put them on. You may put them on top of your head when you’re not using them, where they can pick up dirt and old from your hair. They get a build-up of sweat, dirt, and makeup where they come in contact with your face. No one would suggest that you shouldn’t wear your glasses, but just like with your smartphones, you should strive to keep them clean. Because sunglasses and eyeglasses are made with a variety of materials for both the lenses and frames, research what you should be using to keep your glasses clean.

Pillowcases, wash cloths, and towels

Using clean linens is another thing you can do to reduce the dirt and bacteria on your skin. Use a towel or washcloth only one time before washing – not only are you transferring dirt and germs onto them when you’re using them, but there is a whole host of bacteria that thrive in a moist environment such as a damp towel or washcloth. Wash them in hot water to get rid of dirt and germs.

And make sure you’re changing your pillowcase regularly. Even if you sleep on your back, it’s likely that your face with come in contact with your pillowcase at some point during the night. Figure out how frequently you need to change your pillowcase; for some people, once a week is sufficient, but some people prone to breakouts will use a clean pillowcase each night.

Stop touching your face when it’s not necessary

I find myself resting my chin on my hand from time to time when I’m working – especially when I’m researching something. But it’s something I’m actively trying to stop. Every once in a while, I find blemishes along my jawline where I rest my chin on my hand – and I trace them back to touching my face.

Think about all the things that may touch your face during the course of a single day – and remember that each of those things has the potential to deposit harmful bacteria onto your delicate facial skin. Focus on reducing the number of times you touch your face (with you hands or with anything else) over the course of a day – and, of course, wash your face at least once a day with a cleanser suited to your skin type – and you should see your skin improve.


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