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Beauty benefits of charcoal – especially Binchotan White Charcoal

Beauty benefits of charcoal – especially Binchotan White Charcoal

Beauty benefits of charcoal – especially Binchotan White Charcoal

When you think about charcoal, what do you think about? Do you think about grilling in the back yard? Or maybe you think about drawing with charcoal in your high school art class. Or, if you’re a skin care junkie, maybe you think about the awesome skin care benefits of charcoal.

Charcoal helps to purify the skin

Charcoal is not absorbed into the skin, but instead it helps draw harmful impurities out to the surface of the skin where they can be shed. Dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful or blemish-inducing particles that can clog pores can be absorbed by charcoal, helping to un-clog the pores, and keep skin clear.

Binchotan White Charcoal

Binchotan White Charcoal comes from the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. It is a type of lump or hardwood charcoal, known for its ability to absorb chemical substances into its numerous small pores. Because it is extremely porous, it’s highly effective and efficient at absorbing impurities from water, the air, and even the skin. For this reason, it is a sought-after ingredient in skin care.

Mellisa B Naturally Microdermabrasion Scrub

When formulating our Microdermabrasion Scrub, we knew we wanted charcoal in the formulation to help draw impurities from the skin. After learning about the efficacy of Binchotan White Charcoal, we knew we wanted to use this most effective ingredient to ensure that our scrub was not only a great exfoliant (with Ecuadorian Ivory Pam Seed Powder), but was also effective when it came to purifying the skin.

The result is a scrub that is appropriately gentle and effective for home use, but provides the benefits you’d expect from a spa treatment.

If you’ve never experienced the beauty benefits of Binchotan White Charcoal, give our Microdermabrasion Scrub a try – You’ll be glad you did!


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